Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog

January 29, 2020

Welcome to Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross blog. Use this section of our website to keep up to date with all that is going on in the pharmacy. Like us on Facebook for special offers, exclusive competitions and much more!

Revive Active is a super supplement that contains 26 active ingredients!!

MÓR hand sanitiser 250ml bottle only €7.00

Stay Active & Healthy

As we stay at home and self quarantine, it’s important to stay active for our physical and mental health. The WHO have some great tips on how to stay active during this challenging time – visit their website here https://bit.ly/2KqoeRD


What a lovely surprise we got this morning !

We really appreciate everyone’s support in these challenging times 👏

Thank you from all the team here at Walsh’s Pharmacy !!



Know the Difference between Hay Fever and COVID-19 Symptoms

As hay fever seasons begins, the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) has issued advice on recognising the difference in symptoms between hay fever and COVID-19. With one in five Irish people living with hay fever, it is important that people understand how to recognise the key differences; for example, a fever or chills is common with COVID-19 but isn’t seen in those suffering with hay fever.

Read the full press release at https://ipu.ie/…/know-the-difference-between-hay-fever-and…/

Use of Masks

We stock 2 different types of masks at Walsh’s Pharmacy. 😷😷

See the useful picture below to ensure you and your loved ones are using them correctly.

Selection of latex gloves now available at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross !

With the lovely weather, comes our not so lovely friend……pollen !! 🌼🌺🌳☀️

Here at Walsh’s Pharmacy, we stock a wide range of products to help get you through this allergy season. 🐝🌺

Call in store, or contact us by phone to speak to one of the team 😃.

Also, try out this handy link to keep an eye on the pollen forecast 📈📱


Tel. 0214501744

💰 Sona – Offer 💰

Large range of Sona products now available at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross !


Call in store to avail of one of our many offers

💰 Aveeno – Offer 💰

Large range of Aveeno products in stock at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross !!

Treat yourself to some of our beautiful products, now 20% OFF !!

Call in store to avail of one of our many offers

😃🌼🌸 May Bank Holiday Weekend 😃🌼🌸

Our opening hours for the May Bank Holiday weekend are as follows:

Saturday: 9:30 ➡️ 5:30
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 9:00 ➡️ 6:00

Have a restful and safe weekend, from all the team here at Walsh’s Pharmacy 😃🌼🌸


👣 Path to the “New Normal” 👣

As we make our way through each of the steps which lay in front us, all of us here at Walsh’s Pharmacy want to assure you that we will be with you every step of the way ☺️👣🛣️

Whether its preparing your prescriptions, giving advice, or simply being there to listen……..we are more than happy to help ♥️

Check out this useful link below to stay informed !



✨✨Giveaway Time✨✨

See our facebook page to take part in this amazing giveaway


💕 Gifts for Loved Ones 💕

Do you know someone who is working on the front line or cocooning that could do with a little treat? We have the solution!

We have everything in store from face masks to hand creams, to bath bombs and bath salts that we could send directly to the person who you think deserves a little pick me up! All budgets can be catered for! 💕

Contact us on (021) 4501744 to discuss options !


🎉 Announcement 🎉

We are delighted to announce the winner of our Hamper Giveaway is 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 Ann Field !!

Stay tuned to our page over the next few weeks and months for more great offers and prizes 🎉


💕 International Nurses Day 💕

Happy #InternationalNursesDay to nurses worldwide, going above and beyond, during COVID-19 and always.


#Nurses #COVID19


Hair Care

Don’t let your roots show any longer!!😞

Large selection of Hair Dye now in stock 😍

Whether it’s putting out the bins, cooking the dinner, or just watching TV – we’ve got you covered 😊


✨✨ Special Offer ✨✨

250ml bottle of hand sanitizer €7.00 each, or two for €12.00 ☺️

Get yours at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross while stocks last !


🎉 Hamper Winner 🎉

Congratulations again to our lucky winner Ann Field 🎉

Stay tuned to our Facebook page over the next few weeks and months for more fantastic offers and giveaways ☺️



– Silvikrin Range –

Silvikrin Range Now 10% OFF 😍

Large range of Silvikrin hairsprays now in stock !!

Call in store to avail of one of our many offers 💰💰


– Great News –

This year, the flu vaccine will be available for free for children aged 2-12 !!

As always, the vaccine will also be free for people in at-risk groups and those aged 70 and over.


Check out the link below for more info:


– Single-Use Face Masks –

Supply of single-use face masks available at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross 😷

Cost: €2.00 per mask

🤩 Appreciation Time 🤩

A big thank you to our hard-working manager and delivery driver Fiona for all her dedication at this challenging time 👏
Fiona can collect your prescriptions from your Doctor and drop them right to your door!
Just ring us on 021-4501744 to organise your delivery today! 🙂
Stay safe 💚💙

– Corona Virus Update –

Research shows Vitamin D could help to combat Covid-19.

Have you got your vitamins? If not don’t worry! We have plenty of stock at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross.
Choose from effervescent or tablets starting at just €7.70 each🤩
Call in store to avail of these amazing offers.
Stay Safe💚💙

Check out the Following Link: Research on the Benefits of Vitamin D

🌟 Announcement 🌟

In these unprecedented times, we at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross are doing everything we can to make your lives easier 😊

You can now order your prescription from your Doctor over the phone and they can send it directly to us via Healthmail 📧

As soon as your prescription is ready we can send you a text letting you know that it is ready to collect, saving you time and hassle 📱

Provided the prescription is received before 3PM, we can also deliver the prescription to your door free of charge 🚙

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 021-4501744

World Health Organisation – Stay Informed

As we all enjoy the lovely weather this June Bank-Holiday weekend, be sure to check out the handy link below in order to stay safe and stay informed 😊

Have a lovely weekend from all the team at Walshs Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross 🌞


Check Out the following Link: World Health Organisation Info

– Special Offers –

With a new month comes a whole new range of special offers and amazing deals 💙💚

🌟 Single-Use Face Masks 🌟
€1.40 Each
10 for €12

🌟 MÓR Hand Sanitiser 🌟
€5.95 Each
2 for €10

Stay tuned for more great offers here at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross.


– Reusable Face Masks –

Reusable face masks now available at Walshs Pharmacy Dillons Cross🤩

Just €3.50 each!

The mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton, which allows for free air flow. The inner layer of the mask is made of safe OEKO-TEX certified cotton & the band is made of an elastic rubber band, which guarantees a perfect fit to the face.

Call in store to avail of our many offers!

Stay Safe💚💙


🚙 Delivery Driver Wanted 🚙

We are currently recruiting a delivery driver for a short-term contract.

If interested, please contact 0872960715

– Infrared Thermometers –

It’s important to have a thermometer in your household now more than ever!

Non-contact Infrared Thermometers now available at Walshs Pharmacy Dillons Cross🤩

€65.00 each!

Call in store to avail of this offer or call us on 021 4501744 to reserve yours today!

Stay Safe 💙💚


COVID19 – Stay Informed

Monday the 8th of June marks the beginning of Phase 2 of the government’s plan for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland 🇮🇪

Be sure to check out the following link for the latest information: https://t.co/REyhbzcrpx?amp=1

Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend from all the team at Walsh’s Pharmacy 💚💙


COVID19 – Stay Informed

Looks like Face masks are the way of the future 😷

Check out this link for more information


Stay safe 💚💙

– Father’s Day –

Fathers Day is Sunday the 21st of June and here at Walshs’ Pharmacy, we have a great selection of gifts available!

Starting at just €9.95🤩

Call in store to get yours today!

Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for more gift ideas over the coming weeks !!

Stay Safe 💙💚


Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Safe

Now more than ever, it’s important to look after our health !

Eating a balanced diet is one of the most important things we can do in an effort to stay fit and healthy ✅

Check out this handy link which contains a list of food and beverages that can benefit our health

You may even find some surprises along the way, like coffee and chocolate ☕️🍫

Have a happy and safe weekend from all the team at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross 💙💚


✈️☀️ Passport Photos ☀️✈️

Although the idea of jetting off somewhere warm and sunny may seem like a lifetime away, we here at Walsh’s Pharmacy are always looking to the future ✈️☀️

Get your passport photo taken in store today and beat the rush of people renewing their passport’s over the next few weeks and months 🌍🏖

So put on your best outfit, throw on some makeup, and come on down 😁📸


👨 Men’s Health Week 👨

This week is men’s health week, and to mark the occasion we are extending an invitation to all the men out there to pop in to us if they are in need of any medical advice ☺️

Although that may sound silly, it is found that men are 33% less likely to seek medical advice than women ❗️

So break the stigma, pop on down and have a chat with one of the girls, or one of our own lads 😁

Be sure to check out the attached article which discusses men’s health also.

P.S. Don’t forget this Sunday is Father’s Day and here at Walsh’s Pharmacy we have gifts available to suit all budgets 🎁

Take Care 💚💙


– Ambre Solaire Suncream Range –

Garnier Ambre Solaire Suncream Range is now half price at Walshs Pharmacy Dillons Cross🤩

Prices starting at just €5🤭

Call in store to avail of this amazing offer while stocks last!

Stay Safe 💙💚

🎁 Father’s Day Reminder 🎁

Large supply of Father’s Day Gifts in stock ❗️

Prices are as follows:
1) €9.95
2) €14.95
3) €14.95
4) €9.95
5) €10.00

Call in-store to collect one of these amazing deals 💚💙

❗️ Roadmap to the New Normal ❗️

The government has updated their plans for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland 🇮🇪

Like and follow our Facebook page to stay informed.

Wishing you a happy and safe weekend from all the team at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross 💚 💙





👨 Men’s Health Week 👨

Daily walking is the easiest way for men to get moving and active.

@getirelandwalking offers tips and advice for anybody who wants to start walking during men’s health week.

Click here for more info.



Father’s Day 2020

Happy Father’s Day from all at Walsh’s Pharmacy.

Today marks the end of #MensHealthWeek but we encourage all men in Ireland to monitor their health every day and talk to a healthcare professional about concerns, including your pharmacist.



🦠 COVID-19 🦠

Although we’ve come so far in the past few months, we must continue to adhere to the guidelines set in place by the experts ❗️

Check out this light hearted clip to make sure you are doing your bit.

Stay Safe 💙 💚




💊 Blister Packing Service 💊

Having trouble managing your medications?

Medication management can be challenging, but don’t worry because we are here to help 🆘

Here at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross, we can dispense your weekly medicine into trays with separate compartments for the days of the week and times of day to help keep track of your medicines! Not only will this save you the stress of sorting your medicines, but it will also ensure you get the most out of your medications ✅

Feel free to call in store to chat to one of our pharmacists for more information, or simply give us a call on 021-4501744 📞

🤩 Pharmacist Appreciation Time 🤩

Check out the Irish Pharmacy Union’s post below which shows just how much your local pharmacist is trusted ⬇️

Our pharmacists are here day in day out with the rest of the team in order to provide you with all the medical advice you may need ☺️

Call in store to talk to one of the team 💚💙


🌼 Hay-Fever Season 🌼

As many of you have noticed, the pollen is extremely high at the moment thanks to the warm weather 📈

Check out the Irish Pharmacy Union’s image below which gives you tips and tricks to help get you through this allergy season ⬇️

Call in store to chat to one of the team to find the best option for you 💙💚



🦠 COVID-19 🦠

Monday the 29th of June marks the beginning of Phase 3 of the government’s plan for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland 🇮🇪

Click here for more information.

Stay Safe 💚💙





🦠 Masks 🦠

Over the past few weeks we’ve had people asking us “are those masks any good ?”, or others telling us “I hear those masks are useless !”…..well we’ve found some evidence to convert ye to the mask-wearing gang ☺️

Check out the image below which shows just how effective masks are PROVEN to be in preventing the transmission of respiratory droplets ⬇️

Stay Safe 💚💙




🇮🇪 2020 – Year of the Staycation 🇮🇪

Why not enjoy your holidays in Ireland this year, all whilst supporting Irish businesses in the process ☺️

Here at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross, we have everything you need for a happy and safe holiday;

✅ High quality Suncreams, Sunglasses, First Aid & Travel Essentials.

✅ Basic Covid-19 defences like Hand Sanitiser, Face Masks & Disinfectant Wipes.

Maybe it’s time to re-discover all those tourist gems we have in Ireland this year 🤩






Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr Tony Holohan and his family at this very difficult time 🙏

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for guiding us through these unprecedented times ❤️




☀️ UV Awareness Month ☀️

July is UV awareness month. From April to September, when the UV Index is usually 3 or above you need to take measures to protect your skin, even on cloudy days 😎

Check out the UV Index which is reported daily on www.met.ie 🇮🇪

Be #SunSmart and follow the 5S’s to protect your skin ✅

Here at Walsh’s Pharmacy Dillon’s Cross, our Garnier Ambre Solaire Range is now HALF PRICE ❗️❗️

Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend 💙💚